Who We Are


Who We Are

Our Mission

Ardie Burger
Ardie Burger
Founding Member
Marcia Osborne
Executive Director

To serve Christ by equipping and empowering the economically underserved toward self-sufficiency, emotional healing, and spiritual renewal.

The Jubilee Way

We believe all individuals and families deserve opportunities for school, work, and life, and to enjoy the blessings of prosperity.

Every individual who reaches out to Jubilee Jobs is met with respect, compassion, and care.

Our door is open to anyone in need of services. We do our best to provide a bridge to prosperity through our core programs and by connecting individuals with our partner organizations.

Our History

Jubilee Jobs is based on the Old Testament Scriptures where everyone has a job and a profession. Birthed from the vision of five area business men, Jubilee Jobs was originally formed in 1986 to serve high school-age youth. As our services became known in the community, program offerings were expanded to serve younger youth and adults. In 1989, Jubilee Jobs became an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and was invited to install program services at the Baxter Community Center.

The majority of participants we serve live in resource-poor neighborhoods and often times, our organization isthe only positive place available for individuals to turn to. Jubilee Jobs offers a secure, safe and reliable environment with caring staff to help connect individuals to real and sustainable hope.

Program Implementation and Outcome Goals

  • To equip individuals with the skills and tools necessary to become self-sufficient
  • To provide employment readiness training, job placement assistance and referral services
  • To provide awareness and promote positive behaviors to develop productive citizens and strengthen families

Our Board

Debra J. Durham
Debra J. Durham, President, Harper Collins/Zondervan
George Monsma Jr.
George Monsma Jr., Ph.D., Treasurer, Professor Emeritus, Calvin College
Ardie Burger
Ardie Burger (Founding Member), Owner, Bur-Mac Industries
Robert Smedes
Robert Smedes, CPA, Former Medicaid Director, State of Michigan
Anedra Morris
Anedra Morris, Human Resources, Grand Rapids Public Schools
Tiesha Shankin-Hogue
Tiesha Shankin-Hogue, Paralegal, GVSU School of Criminal Justice
Marc Branca
Marc Branca, Manager Global Executive Talent Acquisition, Amway Corporation

Our Partners

United Way
Employment Services Collaborative
Believe 2 Become
Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Western Michigan University Cooley Law School