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We believe all individuals and families deserve opportunities for school, work, life, and to enjoy the blessings of prosperity.

Jubilee Jobs GR transfers GED Preparation and Pearson VUE Testing Services to Steepletown Neighborhood Services

June 18, 2020

Jubilee Jobs GR announces the transfer of programs and services to Steepletown Neighborhood Services. "The seeds we have planted will continue to grow and hold future promise through our faithful partner, Steepletown. It has been so challenging these past few months— United Way’s reduction in community provider funding, the impact of COVID-19, and the Baxter Community Center, which had leased space to Jubilee Jobs for decades, deciding they needed the space for other programs. I reached out to Dick and we heard the call to step back and take a long view" says Marcia Osborne, Jubilee’s executive director. "Our legacy will live on through Steepletown. This is the magnificent vision of God’s work."

Steepletown answered the call to receive Jubilee’s programs and services. "To be entrusted to carry on the work of Jubilee’s GED programming and Pearson VUE testing services— not only will these continue to serve the needs of our communities, these services align and complement the work we have been building to transform lives through education, workforce development, and community empowerment" says Dick Bulkowski, Steepletown’s executive director. "Jubilee’s tremendous act of faith and community-mindedness in coming to their decision is a blessing for us all."

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