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We believe all individuals and families deserve opportunities for school, work, life, and to enjoy the blessings of prosperity.

Serving the Grand Rapids Community

Jubilee Jobs brings compassion and understanding to people trapped in poverty. Often, individuals and families cannot see their way out— and they feel crushed by their circumstances. Our services fulfill multi-dimensional needs including employment readiness, GED preparation and testing, computer and financial literacy, social & legal justice, and programming for opportunity youth.

Our Organization’s Goals to Guide Pathways to Prosperity

Commit - Build and expand programs to ensure quality, consistency, and current need of services, and foster collaborations to eliminate duplication of services.

Prepare & Empower - Provide access for adults and youth to legal & social justice services, offer Grace for second chances, and promote pro-social skill development.

Support - Offer pathways to help individuals and families reach their very own hopeful conditions and economic self-sufficiency.

Pathways to Prosperity

Contact Us

If you'd like to learn more about our programs, please call our office at 616-774-9944 or message us via Facebook. We look forward to seeing you!